German Federal Ecodesign Award

The environmental impacts of products and services are determined as early as in the design process. Ecodesign means more than energy efficient refrigerators or bags made from recycled materials. Indeed, ecodesign considers the entire life cycle of a product – from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and utilisation, all the way to recycling and disposal. Alongside issues of energy consumption and the responsible use of resources, the concept also addresses questions of user behaviour, durability and repairability.

In 2012, the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency launched the Federal Ecodesign Award to bring the potential contribution of ecodesign to environmental protection more strongly into the public eye, as well as to encourage innovation in this area. The International Design Center Berlin, with the support of a project advisory board, has been commissioned with the development and implementation of the competition format. For companies as well as designers, the award provides a platform to showcase products and ideas of outstanding ecological and design quality. The competition has been launched again in early 2014.

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