Nominees 2021

Nominated 2021

A fur coat and its consequences

Magdalena Keller | Hochschule Niederrhein

This master thesis investigates on a material level the recyclability of old fur coats and fur waste from invasive hunting in Germany. Fibers from unused or declared waste fur products are used to produce single-origin yarns. These are used alongside the leather won from fur products as the basis for the resource-efficient production of a durable and recyclable fashion collection.

Bohlsener Mill Store

Bohlsener Mühle GmbH & Co. KG

In addition to the presentation and sale of organic products, the sustainably designed mill store is used as a versatile experiential space, which informs about the variety of grains as well as the processing of these in the mill and bakery. This stage is intended to turn ecological sustainable courses of action into experiences.

CareTwice Shampoopulver

CareTwice UG

By adding water, the shampoo powder can be transformed into liquid shampoo. The powder is in a paper package, the shampoo itself is shaken in a reusable container. The small flat sachets and the durable reusable bottle are as material- and energy-efficient as possible, recyclable and logistics-friendly.


Neumühle Switzerland GmbH

All components of the CIRCLE JACKET are made of mono-materials. The jacket has been designed so that it can be disassembled back into its individual parts at the end of its life. Thus, pure material flows can be guaranteed and recycling is facilitated. The materials and components are produced in a production circle of 400 km in the heart of Europe. With its takeback program, Neumühle Switzerland GmbH guarantees the return and reuse of all materials.

DB Bike+ App

Scholz & Volkmer GmbH

With this app, Deutsche Bahn wants to encourage people to use sustainable means of transport to and from the train station. The bike kilometers traveled are turned into a currency. As part of the „Zukunftsbahnhöfe“ project, Scholz & Volkmer developed a digital ecosystem, which rewards cycling. In this way, the kilometers traveled can be used as payment in local stores.

Easy care on the washing cycle

Mario Kreuzer | Hochschule Augsburg

'Easy care on the washing cycle' is designed as a guidebook on the subject of laundry care. The aim is to motivate people to take better care of their laundry and to break down gender roles in the laundry room. It aims to draw attention to the value of clothing and to raise awareness of the environmental impact of prevailing laundry habits. In addition, the guidebook aims to guide healthy and sustainable laundry care.


ECOfishing UG

ECOfishing UG produces sustainable fishing weights from a self-developed, biodegradable material combination consisting of sand and natural composites. In the event of the weight breaking down, it dissolves within a few days. Depending on the water temperature, this can take between 5 and 14 days. The raw material left behind thus lands on the bottom and can rejoin the natural cycle.


Meike Hollnaicher | Freie Universität Bozen

'Farmfluencers' is a storytelling project and at the same time a community for innovative and future-oriented farmers. In graphics, photos, podcasts and network meetings, the stories of the Farmfluencers in the pilot region of South Tyrol are told and made accessible to a broad audience. The aim of the project is to establish an encouraging storytelling of agriculture and to inspire future farmers.

Innovative packaging solutions

Alpla Werke, Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG

Innovative packaging solutions that have less impact on the environment. This is what ALPLA WERKE offers for a wide range of products that cannot do without a container, such as cleaning agents and cosmetics. The three basic principles of the circular economy - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle - are consistently considered and sustainably implemented. This can be seen in the packaging of NOW, SUSANNE KAUFMANN™ Refills, NIVEA NATURALLY GOOD Body Lotion and the Thether Tube.

IVN-certified shoe collection

Werner Schuhe GmbH

The sustainable shoe collection from Werner Schuhe GmbH ranges from summer sandals to winter boots. The shoes are made of durable natural leather, which is a by-product of the meat production from organic cattle. It is tanned chromium-free and plant-based in Germany. Fair working conditions and animal welfare are explicitly observed. The supply chains are also transparent and short. Despite the ecological production, the shoes do not compromise on fashion value.


Florian Henschel | Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

'MateriaLab' is a system of wooden experimental kits on the subject of waste and recycling. It offers children the opportunity to carry out various recycling and waste processes themselves. It is used to support conventional teaching in elementary schools and is intended to make theory tangible. The aim is to create a new awareness of the value and properties of waste and thus to encourage children to deal with it responsibly.

Nanuk Megaliner

Cargo Cycle GmbH

Cargo Cycle not only builds cargo bicycles but also offers logistics services to its customers. Three Euro pallets with a total load of 500 kg fit into the Nanuk Megaliner. The 7-meter-long vehicle is nevertheless legally considered a bicycle and is therefore allowed to use bicycle lanes. Production takes place in Hamburg and almost all components used come from Germany or Europe.

Natural softshell

Hess Natur-Textilien GmbH & Co. KG

Conventional softshell is harmful to the environment due to the use of PFC and artificial fibers are harmful to the environment. Hess-Natur created a solution for outdoor enthusiasts with the new softshell which does not contain any problematic ingredients: No PFCs are used in the process, rather, it is made of organic cotton. Thereby comfort, design as well as suitability for everyday use are given equal consideration.

NEO 3R 9,8 MM


The NEO 3R 9.8 MM is the first dynamic mountain rope made from 50% recycled rope, making it a sustainable alternative to conventional options. In order to nevertheless ensure quality and safety, the rope is made from a blend of new and recycled materials. The recycling process can be repeated as a cycle as required. It is manufactured at the company's site in Isny (Allgäu, Germany) and is bluesign certified.


Lasse Schlegel, David Schwarzfeld | Braunschweig University of Art

Project 'Placeholder' aims to displace advertising from public spaces. Advertising spaces are rented and places are created for people to come together, play and exchange ideas. In the long term, the project will be accompanied by a series of workshops where interested people can contribute their ideas. This will enable the democratization of the design of public spaces.



PLANETICS is the first online marketplace for sustainable and fair sporting goods. Due to the large selection and strict pre-selection, it is made easy for customers to find and buy truly sustainable sporting goods. In addition, a holistic structure is being developed with various universities to make the environmental and social impact of individual products even more measurable and comparable.

Pulp Fictions

Friedrich Wördehoff, Karl Schinkel | Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

'Pulp Fictions' is an exploration of 3D paper molding, also known as fiber molding. The project takes a look into an otherwise closed off mode of production in the industry. It opens it up to reshaping in form, materiality, and subsequent potential applications. The resulting material samples and paper products demonstrate a sustainable use of waste paper and fiber waste and integrate it into a recyclable design.


Original RePack Oy

RePack is a pilot project for a reusable packaging service with an included loyalty programme for e-commerce. Web stores can ship goods in RePacks that can be easily returned and reused. Consumers can return their packaging by folding it to letter size and dropping it in a mailbox for free. Once returned, the packaging is cleaned and returned to the webstores. The users are also rewarded for their participation.

Shower gel & hand soap powder

Less Waste Club UG

Commercially available liquid care products consist of over 90% water. With the waterless products from Less Waste Club, the water content is reduced to almost zero. Only by adding water during use, the powder becomes a liquid care product. By eliminating water, 90% of the transport weight is reduced. In addition, excess plastic can be avoided, thereby significantly reducing CO2 emissions along the supply chain.

Solego 2.0

SolarWorX GmbH

The startup SolarWorX aims to provide renewable energy in remote areas where fossil fuels would otherwise be burned in generators in an environmentally damaging way. Especially in rural Africa, many people and businesses are cut off from the energy grid. All parts of the modular solar system are easy to dismantle, can be replaced without difficulty and are largely made of recyclable materials.


Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten, Lobke Beckfeld | weißensee academy of art berlin

This product aims to convey sustainability as a pleasure. Obtained from industrial by-products of textile and juice production, the result is a composite material that is completely biodegradable and forms the basis for SONNET. The minimalist and simple design of the bag highlights the special texture and translucency of the material, which can be sourced and produced locally. After use, it can be returned to the cycle as fertilizer.

The Franconian Denim Project

bleed clothing GmbH

The forefather of jeans, Levi Strauss, comes from Upper Franconia and with the Franconian Denim Project bleed clothing brings denim production back there. From weaving to ready-to-wear, everything in this collection is made in Germany, mostly in Franconia. The jeans are made of 98% organic cotton and 2% elastane, dyed by reactive dye without any color bleeding. The CO2 balance of the jeans was determined and compensated.


Tubedo GmbH

Every year, Europe produces a mountain of waste in the form of disposable tubes the size of the Empire State Building. Tubedo offers a reusable alternative - for end users as well as for the industry. It is a completely drainable, leak-proof tube. Effortless filling and ease of use make the tube convenient. Thanks to external threads
nothing gets stuck and cleaning can be done by hand or in the dishwasher.

VIOWALL glass foam cushion

With the help of cushions made of geotextile, which are filled with glass foam granulate, VIOWALL encloses the foundation walls of buildings and forms an impenetrable barrier. It thus offers a solution for natural drying of damp walls, cellars and basements. The cushion works exclusively with earth pressure and glass foam. It is immediately effective due to natural physical processes. Water in the walls is absorbed by the glass foam and is drained away upwards by means of evaporation.


Liebel/Architekten BDA

The zero-energy building is based on the primary energy balance, it generates at least as much energy locally and regeneratively as it consumes. The balance includes both building operations and energy quantities for user electricity. The house makes maximum use of the naturally available environmental energies of sun, thermal and geothermal energy and is a conscious counter-design to the ongoing mechanization in buildings.


Here you can find an overview of all nominated and winning projects since 2012. Among them are works by companies, design offices and marketing agencies, architecture or engineering firms, researchers and students from varied sectors.