»Satino PureSoft is well-designed because it doesn't deny its origin: it is sand-colored because it is made from recycled cardboard. WEPA has succeeded in creating a soft, multi-layered hygiene paper from this raw material. According to the Federal Environment Agency, it is the biggest innovation in the paper segment in more than a decade.«

Dr. Bettina Hoffmann

Three questions for Nik Ruangroj, Head of the Brand Marketing department

How did the idea for Satino PureSoft – Sanitary Paper of the Future come about?
At around 19 million tonnes of cardboard waste annually, Germany is one of the worst offenders in this category. Current consumer behaviour and online shopping play a big role in this respect. Which is why WEPA Professional GmbH wondered whether this valuable raw material could be recycled in a sensible way. Our expertise with recycling waste paper prompted us to develop sustainable sanitary paper that uses other resources but still embraces the circular-economy mindset.

What was your personal highlight in the Satino PureSoft – Sanitary Paper of the Future development process? Was there a low point?
A new product line’s lengthy development process does, of course, hit peaks and troughs. When we wanted to turn our vision into reality, we were presented with the challenge of changing our waste paper treatment processes accordingly. Using cardboard and paper-based raw materials required new processes, which we were able to initiate. During the development, we were delighted by the very positive feedback, the market’s enormous interest and the associated trust in our sanitary paper of the future.

Where do you see your project in the next five years?
We’re very confident that sales of Satino PureSoft will continue to grow and we’ll increasingly find it in many public and semi-public washrooms and kitchens. In our opinion, Satino PureSoft is a good mix of sustainability and functionality. At WEPA Professional, we want to help conserve resources and launch innovations that offer added value to society. Satino PureSoft epitomises this vision.