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»We won the Ecodesign Award at a time when we were still building up and investing in our company. It was greatly motivating. An award like this is a huge feather in our cap, not least because it’s from an institution that we know is taking a deeper look at the overall process and not just handing out prizes to anybody. They have to be genuinely excited about the product. This award means that you have passed the litmus test.«

Andreas Spieß, Solarkiosk, Winner 2013 in the category service



General terms and conditions

Participation in the German Ecodesign Award implies the Terms and Conditions, (PDF, 85.12 kB).

Ingo Strube | BMUV

Why was the German Ecodesign Award established in the first place and what role does the Federal Ministry for the Environment play in it? Find out in this short interview with Ingo Strube, BMUV staff member.